NEF in the news, June 2021

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

More than 250,000 Yorkshire jobs will be at risk’ as country moves to low-carbon economy‘NEF research by Rebekah Diski, Alex Chapman and Chaitanya Kumar showing the number of jobs that could be at risk as we green the economy in Yorkshire and the Humber was covered in the Yorkshire Post

We Consider The Matt Closed
Miatta was on The Bunker podcast to discuss the ex-Health Sec’s scandal. 

EU rules UK data protection is adequate’ in boost for business
Research by Duncan McCann on the economic impacts of the UK failing to secure an EU data adequacy decision was mentioned in the Guardian

Downing Street dynamics, inflation and borrowing and social care 
Miatta was on the Sky News All out Politics podcast to discuss the dynamic between numbers 10 and 11 Downing Street and the apparent tensions over the approach to tax and spend.

Bigger risks than inflation
Alfie Stirling spoke to LBC about the Bank of England’s decision not to raise interest rates, and the bigger risks facing us than inflation.

Public engagement is the missing piece of the climate puzzle
Chaitanya Kumar spoke to Sky News, Times Radio and LBC about the Climate Change Committee’s latest progress report.

Responding to the latest GDP figures
Miatta appeared on the Radio 4 Today Programme and LBC to respond to the latest GDP stats.

The Bank of England needs to act on the risks posed by climate change
Lukasz Krebel wrote for Business Green on how our economy, environment and society are stressed to their limits.

Policy is a poverty choice
Poverty is the result of a welfare system which denies people the means to live a dignified life, wrote Aidan Harper for Tribune.

Covid-19 has made us reconsider how much we will fly in future, research suggests
Our research on the impact of the Bristol Airport expansion was mentioned in the Bristol Cable.

The trend that’s shaking up the food industry
A recent NEF Consulting report was referenced in a BBC article on local food.

Inflation warnings presume the Covid crisis is over … sadly it isn’t
Alfie Stirling spoke to the Guardian about the dangers of our broken security system.

UK economy grows in April as shops reopen
Miatta Fahnbulleh spoke to the BBC about the story underneath recent GDP growth.

It’s time Europe stopped fetishising fiscal discipline
Frank van Lerven, along with 141 other economists, signed a letter in the Financial Times saying that we should prioritise more important outcomes — like creating well-paid green jobs and lifting millions out of poverty.

Joe Biden is fixing social care whilst Boris Johnson won’t even talk about it
Dan and Sarah wrote for openDemocracy comparing the UK government’s lack of action on tackling the care crisis, with Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan intended to boost jobs and aid recovery from Covid-19.

Single parents bear the brunt of Covid debt as living standards slide
Our new Living Income campaign was covered in a piece on living standards in the Independent.

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