Weekly Economics Podcast: Can we prevent living standards plummeting this winter?

Ayeisha Thomas-Smith is joined by Kate Bell and Sarah Arnold

Over 11m people have been furloughed in the last 16 months, and almost 6m are currently on universal credit. But over the next week, the government’s main emergency policies to help people through the pandemic will end. People on furlough will find out if their jobs are still waiting for them, and people on universal credit will find their benefits cut by £20 a week.

The government seems to be acting like we’re out of the woods of the pandemic — but are we really? With over a million people still furloughed, energy bills going up, and benefit cuts kicking in, what kind of winter are we facing? And how can we make sure everyone has enough to live on for the rest of the pandemic and beyond?

Back with a brand new series, Ayeisha is joined by Kate Bell, head of rights, international, social and economics at the TUC, and NEF senior economist Sarah Arnold

  • Read the TUC’s proposal on a more progressive way to fund social care here.
  • Read Sarah’s piece on reforming our social security system here.

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