NEF in the news, June 2022

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

The Climate Change Committee progress report
Chaitanya Kumar was on Sky News responding to the latest CCC report.

Fuel duty cut 
Alex Chapman was on LBC responding to news that the chancellor is considering a further cut to fuel duty.

The poorly paid workers most likely to be denied pay rise
Dominic Caddick spoke to Yahoo News about the unequal impact of inflation.

More than convenient: how local shops create good neighbourhoods
Christian Jaccarini explained the benefits to communities of locally owned business in Yahoo News.

Three quarters of households will see cost of living rise quicker than incomes
NEF analysis was covered in the Daily Mirror (twice), Yahoo News and the Daily Advent.

The Price of Poverty
NEF analysis showing that only 7% of the fuel duty cut would go to the poorest fifth of households was mentioned in a Tribune article

Boris Johnson says workers should accept a pay cut to avoid spiralling inflation – is he right?
Miatta Fahnbulleh argued that it is completely legitimate for workers to ask for pay increases when living costs are rising so fast in the Independent.

Workers should not be asked to absorb the full hit of the cost of living crisis through lower wages
Miatta was on Politics Live arguing there is no evidence we’re seeing a wage prices spiral and that workers shouldn’t be expected to carry the brunt of our economic problems.

Cost of living march was a sea of people who deserve better vowing to turn the tables’
Ros Wynne Jones mentioned NEF’s cost of living rally in her column

Sunak urged to save £57bn by withholding BoE interest on reserves
NEF analysis showing that the Bank of England will be handing out a stealth subsidy of £57bn to the banking sector over the next three years was covered in the Financial Times, the Times and the Daily Mail

What the interest rate rise means for homeowners and buyers
Miatta was on the Sky News Daily podcast responding to the rise in interest rates.

The UK rail strike
Miatta was on BBC Newsnight and Good Morning Britain responding to the government’s villainisation of rail workers striking this month. 

Boris Johnson’s plans to expand Right to Buy housing scheme labelled baffling and unworkable’
NEF’s research showing that under right to buy, we’ve lost 24,000 social homes a year on average since 1991 was covered in the Big Issue

How fuel prices have surged to a record high in the UK
NEF analysis showing how just 7% of the fuel duty cut goes to the poorest fifth of households, while a third goes to the wealthiest was covered in the New Statesman

Is the UK heading for a recession?
Frank van Lervern was on Sky News arguing that we were sleepwalking into the cost of living crisis.

Extension of Right to Buy
Rebecca Winson was on GB News responding the government’s housing pledges.

The government’s housing pledges 
Miatta was on BBC 2 Politics Live responding to the government’s announcements on Right to Buy and including housing benefit in mortgage affordability.

Right to Buy has fuelled the housing crisis, not helped it
Miatta was on LBC and in the Independent responding the extension of right to buy. 

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