NEF in the news, August 2022

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

Could the Don’t Pay UK’ Campaign Actually Work?
Rebecca Winson spoke to Vice UK about the Don’t Pay UK campaign. 

Revealed: The areas set to be hit hardest by soaring energy bills
NEF research for Friends of the Earth showing how an emergency energy efficiency scheme could be delivered by local authorities to protect people from soaring bills was covered in the Guardian, the iBig Issue, Business GreenBirmingham Mail and the Bristol Cable.

The UK productivity puzzle
Miatta Fahnbulleh was on the Radio 4 Today programme arguing that we need investment in the economy to boost demand and increase wages in order to tackle low productivity.

Manston airport cleared for take-off
Alex Chapman responded to news that the Manston airport will reopen in the Times.

UK rent highest for decades 
Lucille Harvey was on TalkTV calling for a new generation of social homes to tackle the housing crisis. 

Britain’s leaky homes are unprepared for climate change
Chaitanya Kumar spoke to the Financial Times about the need for housing energy efficiency measures as gas and electricity bills soar and emissions targets loom.

The biggest real wages squeeze on record
Alfie Stirling was on Channel 4 News talking about the cost of living crisis. 

Master of all trades: retrofit firm tackles climate and cost of living crises
Chaitanya Kumar was quoted in the Guardian on how retrofitting could cut household energy demand thereby reducing emissions and bills. 

Pay falls at sharpest rate on record
Miatta Fahnbulleh was on BBC News responding to the latest inflation figures.

Government intervention in the cost of living crisis
Miatta Fahnbulleh was on Sky News arguing that neither Conservative party leadership hopeful has gotten to grips with the scale of the challenge. 

If I pay these fuel bills, I can’t afford the care needed by my sick grandson
Chaitanya Kumar spoke to the Times about the level of fuel poverty we’ll see in the UK this winter without further government intervention. 

Smart meter users could be moved to pay-as-you-go’ if they cancel direct debits
Chaitanya Kumar was in the Telegraph on the Don’t Pay campaign. 

Heathrow sale revives hopes of a third runway under new Prime Minister
NEF research showing a third Heathrow runway would mean the rest of the country would lose £43bn out of their economies as 27,000 jobs move to London and the South East was covered in the Telegraph

Mick Lynch on strikes and Britain’s crisis – Politics Weekly UK
Miatta Fahnbulleh was on the Guardian Politics Weekly UK podcast with Mick Lynch. 

Sadiq Khan’s Right to Buy-back scheme leads to return of 1,500 council homes
NEF research showing Right to Buy led to an average net loss of 24,000 social homes a year since 1991 was covered in the Big Issue

Raising interest rates isn’t going to help families through the cost of living crisis
Miatta Fahnbulleh was on BBC News responding to the latest interest rate rise.

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