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NEF in the news, May 2019

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

Paying for public services should be treated as investment in infrastructure

Anna Coote writes for Times Red Box

Clean energy for the poorest: this is what a Green New Deal means in practice

We need policies that create jobs, tackle fuel poverty and address climate change

A Beginner’s Guide to Neoliberalism

Latest episode of our award winning podcast – subscribe on iTunes!

Why net zero emissions by 2050’ needs a Green New Deal

The Climate Change Committee has made its recommendations - so what now?

Workers and the World

Becki Winson writes for Tribune

Why the Green New Deal should include a four-day week

Aidan Harper writes for CityMetric

Universal basic income: new study finds little evidence that it can live up to its promise

Research reviews 16 projects across the globe

NEF in the news, April 2019

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

In the Shadow of Kinder Scout

Andrew Pendleton writes for Tribune

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