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Climate breakdown is a public health issue

A summer heat crisis is just one way the changing climate will impact our health. Here’s what the health system can do about it.

Weekly Economics Podcast: Summer climate breakdown

Latest episode of our award winning podcast

High street job losses worth £1.5 billion in lost GDP

New analysis from New Economics Foundation shows the lost value of 25,000 high profile retail jobs to the economy

Public land is a feminist issue

Community housing groups across London are putting women and non-binary people at the forefront of their plans for building affordable housing

NEF in the news, August 2018

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

Rate rise exposes dangerously outdated fiscal policy

The Bank’s decision to raise rates could harm the economy. Is it a necessary medicine born from a catch-22, or is there another way?

Coastal communities in the uk

A vision for starting up, not shutting down

Weekly Economics Podcast: Why the interest rate hike was a bad move

Latest episode of our award winning podcast

Rail arch businesses add £725m to UK GDP every year

New research reveals strategic importance of businesses in Network Rail’s sell-off

Universal basic income: the debate continues

What about a collective alternative, asks Anna Coote

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