Adrian Bua


Adrian works on local democracy and economic development. His main areas of expertise are public administration, democratic theory and qualitative research methods, and he has a strong interest in political economy.

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Race to the bottom

How trade deals are undermining standards that protect us.

How safe are our drugs?

Deregulation is putting our health, safety and wellbeing at risk – and it’s costing us billions

Innovating’ our way into disaster

Big business is using the language of progress to strip away consumer protections

Deregulation: why the drugs don’t work

Putting profits above people is making us all sick

Measuring the value of traditional retail markets

Towards a holistic approach

Why workers’ rights are good for the economy

A new index shows how greater economic democracy leads to more prosperity.

Cities and Towns: The 2017 General Election and the Social Divisions of Place

Towns and cities are divided. Here’s what to do about it.

Understanding Devolution

A detailed look at the Greater Manchester devolution deal

Local early action: how to make it happen

Report from the Southwark and Lambeth Early Action Commission

Responses to austerity

How groups across the UK are adapting, challenging and imagining alternatives in the face of austerity

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