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Director, Policy & Advocacy

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Is HS2 going to be scrapped?

Andrew Pendleton on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

A rail network for everyone

Probing HS2 and its alternatives

Deprived towns fund is insignificant compared with staggering cuts

Reversing the damage done by austerity will take more than this paltry offer

Skyrocketing household debt

A nightmare for families and bad news for the economy

FCA should go further and impose cap on overdraft fees to stop banks profiting from people’s misery

Anti-fracking protesters should be celebrated not imprisoned

Climate change is accelerating, yet peaceful protesters face harsh sentences

Inclusive ownership funds will build better businesses

Labour has signed up. Will other parties rise to the challenge?

Co-operatives unleashed

Doubling the size of the UK's co-operative sector

Who are you calling deliberately misleading’?

We used Department for Transport numbers to show the projected value of Heathrow's third runway is now below zero

A day of reckoning for UK housing

Politicians might finally be ready to think seriously about land

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