Ross Haig

Head of Communications, Digital & Brand

Ross manages the communications team, overseeing media, digital, brand and upcoming publications. His background is in news and feature writing.

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UK to blame for poor quota deal for its fishers

The UK government is failing to use its powers to manage its fisheries in the interest of the public or struggling fishers - and Brexit won't change that.

Care for people, not investors: our analysis makes headlines

The Chancellor’s Budget promised £2bn for social care, but last week our analysis revealed the huge profits being creamed off by big care providers.

These are the agreed issues of the age” — Financial Times

Marc Stears, our chief executive, writes about the urgent need for a new economy

£23bn — the hidden annual bonus for Britain’s banks

Banks creaming billions a year from UK taxpayer in 'money for nothing' subsidy

There can be no 48% strategy for Brexit”

Newly published polling shows surprisingly few differences between Remain and Leave voters on key issues

Timid and underwhelming: New Economics Foundation’s response to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

A narrow set of measures that fail Britain’s left behind

160,000 new jobs for Britain’s coasts

Ambitious action plan to give local communities, employees and businesses control over their futures

Building a new economy where people really take control

Britain’s biggest progressive think tank sets out its new agenda

Political leaders ignore Remain voters at their peril

New polling of the forgotten 48%

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