Sarah Arnold


Sarah is a researcher with a strong background in quantitative data analysis and econometrics. Her particularly areas of interest are health inequalities and the social determinants of health. She is currently working on several projects to research the role of community action in the health system.

Prior to working for the New Economics Foundation, Sarah was an Economist for the consultancy arm of the think tank. She is an accredited SROI (Social Return on Investment) practitioner and expert in developing social value frameworks and other cost benefit methodologies.

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£3.5bn real terms cuts to unprotected budgets after 2020

Analysis from the New Economics Foundation shows that unprotected budgets will still face cuts after 2020 despite austerity “coming to an end”

Theresa May’s promise to end austerity is empty

NEF projections show squeeze set to continue

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Austerity by stealth?

Options for the Chancellor at the coming spending review

4 areas for investing in a healthy NHS

It's clear the NHS needs more funding. But what should the money be used for?

A vision for the NHS at 80

A health and care system we can all be proud of

Stressed economy, stressed society, stressed NHS

Stress is taking its toll on our society and costing the NHS over 165,000 bed days per year with a cost to the public of £71.1 million.

Health as a Social Movement: Theory into Practice

Six vanguard sites across the UK are working to transform their communities

The health system can work differently with communities to improve health

How can the NHS amplify local community action?

Our broken economy is taking its toll on our health

We drastically need a new caring economy that can provide effective and timely healthcare

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