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Brexit and pesticides: a dangerous mix

We can’t let business interests jeopardise our health

This is how we’ll beat the Big 6

Big energy companies have had it easy for too long

The UK food system after Brexit

Migrant workers are essential to our food system in the UK. So what will be the consequences post-Brexit?

Brexit and beauty products: why standards matter

The standards which keep our make up safe from toxic chemicals could be under threat

Trump just defined the nature of a UK-US trade deal

Trump's order strips back regulations upholding safety standards - in a move which echoes the UK's downwards direction.

Inequality in the Digital Society

Summary of a joint workshop by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and the New Economics Foundation

Technology isn’t neutral – we have to make it work for us

Technology can and should benefit everyone – to use it as a tool for concentrating power and wealth among an elite is a shameful waste.

Massive surge in London’s gig economy

London's gig economy has grown by 72% since 2010

Tapeworms for lunch?

Why parasites could be in for a comeback

3 things we’ve learned about the future of the UK economy

Today's OBR assessment shows big change is on the way

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