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Upcoming events

Technology and the future of labour

Live recording of the Weekly Economics Podcast with Aaron Bastani

Past events

NEF At Brainchild: A Future Without Work

Participatory workshop at Brainchild Festival

Business and the Environment: Enemies or Allies?

Keynote with Vince Cable MP

Who Owns England?: The Politics of Land

Discussion with Guy Shrubsole about the politics of land ownership

The Future of Working Time: Organising and Strategy

Workshop on organising around time in the workplace

Algorithms of Oppression

Discussion with Safiya Umoja Noble about how search engines reinforce racism

Good Green Jobs for All

Discussing a just transition to a green jobs revolution with Rebecca Long-Bailey, Caroline Lucas and more

How to Win a Shorter Working Week

Discussion on winning a shorter working week with John McDonnell

Social Licensing: Take Back Control of the Everyday Economy

Taking on the tech giants

The World Transformed event with Wendy Liu, Jason Prado, Emma Black, Duncan McCann

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