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Digital power players

The problem and the power of tech monopolies

Inclusive ownership funds will build better businesses

Labour has signed up. Will other parties rise to the challenge?

Co-operatives unleashed

Doubling the size of the UK's co-operative sector

Apply a John Lewis law’ to businesses to give workers more control

New analysis from NEF shows that expanding co-ops will help UK tackle key economic challenges

Watch: No more Carillions

Shareholder capitalism is in crisis – here's how we can fix it.

New poll: 82% of Uber users ready to quit the service

How can taxi co-ops compete with Uber?, 24 November

Friday 24 November 2017 | 10:00 – 13:00 | Central London

Weekly Economics Podcast: Can we do better than Uber?

Latest episode of our award winning podcast - subscribe on iTunes!

Put drivers in control

A driver-owned alternative to Uber is not wishful thinking – we’re building it right now

The people, the commons and the public realm

How can we take control of the resources we need to survive?

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