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Five reasons why NEF supports the 4 Day Week Campaign

Reducing the hours we work can help future-proof the economy and the environment.

Get rich or die trying: the case for a new politics of time

Is free time a better measure of economic success than GDP?

The unheard stories of precarious work

Why college cleaners are striking, in their own words

New poll: 82% of Uber users ready to quit the service

Precarious labour strikes back

Uber drivers and college cleaners, cinema workers and McDonalds staff marched for better pay and basic rights.

How can taxi co-ops compete with Uber?, 24 November

Friday 24 November 2017 | 10:00 – 13:00 | Central London

Weekly Economics Podcast: Can we do better than Uber?

Latest episode of our award winning podcast - subscribe on iTunes!

Put drivers in control

A driver-owned alternative to Uber is not wishful thinking – we’re building it right now

Revealed: the £2.75bn childcare bill facing parents this summer

Parent-led childcare would give parents real control over their working and family lives

We need to sort out public sector pay — but it’s not all about the money

The time is now to take action on public sector pay and working conditions

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