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The UK should stop obsessing over GDP — Wellbeing is more telling

Daniel Button writes for the Guardian

Does new economics need wellbeing?

Without a power analysis, wellbeing economics misses the mark

Building a wellbeing economy

Measuring the economy by looking at the quality of people's lives

Achieving a shorter working week across Europe

European Network for the Fair Sharing of Working Time newsletter

Weekly Economics Podcast: Is the economy damaging our mental health?

Latest episode of our award winning podcast – subscribe on iTunes!

Stressed economy, stressed society, stressed NHS

Stress is taking its toll on our society and costing the NHS over 165,000 bed days per year with a cost to the public of £71.1 million.

Introducing…wellbeing inequality

The measure that gets to the heart of who the economy is really working for

Measuring wellbeing inequality

What are the appropriate indicators of wellbeing inequality?

Health as a Social Movement: Theory into Practice

Six vanguard sites across the UK are working to transform their communities

The health system can work differently with communities to improve health

How can the NHS amplify local community action?

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