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Brexit offers nothing but false solutions”

New Economics Foundation response to Article 50

Marc Stears, chief executive of the New Economics Foundation, said:

Today is supposed to be the day we start to take back control. But Brexit offers nothing but false solutions.

From rampant inflation to potentially disastrous tariffs, from the abolition of labour market protections to the erosion of environmental standards, we have every reason to be anxious. And our research shows that it is those with least control over their lives who are most fearful of Brexit.

We all have a role to play in fighting the worst effects of Brexit. That means pushing for an open and inclusive economy that celebrates the contribution made by Britain’s migrants. It means seeking to protect future generations from the threat posed by Brexit to our environment. And it means working to preserve our rights and protections at work and at home.

Inevitably, it is those at the sharp end of the economy who could suffer most from this process. And they know it. People need a new economy where they can really take real control, not the parody of control offered by Brexit.”

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1. The New Economics Foundation is the UK’s only people-powered think tank. The Foundation works to build a new economy where people really take control. www​.newe​co​nom​ics​.org

2. All comments in response to PM’s triggering of Article 50.

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