Brexit won’t give people real control – and they know it

I write about Britain's crisis of control in the Times

This is supposed to be the week we start to take back control. The triggering of Article 50, so the argument goes, begins a process of regaining sovereignty, repatriating powers and securing our borders that will put Britain and its people back in the driving seat. For the millions of people who voted for Brexit so they could regain a sense of control over their lives, this process is supposed to answer their prayers.

But it won’t. If anything, the process about to unfold will make Britain’s crisis of control worse. And many of us have acknowledged that already.

Our new polling, out today, shows the depth and scale of the crisis:

  • More than three in four feel little or no control over Westminster, local government and public services
  • Those who feel they lack control are unlikely to see Brexit as the answer – and with good reason
  • But here at the New Economics Foundation we are working to equip people with the tools to meet their deep desire for real control right now

Full polling is available on our site, and I write more on our findings in today’s Times.

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