NEF in the news, July 2022

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

Reserving free lunches, but for whom?
Frank van Lerven and Dominic Kaddick wrote for FT Alphaville about recent NEF research on tiered reserves. 

Sunak v Truss: Examining their economic policies
Miatta Fahnbulleh was on the Sky News Daily Podcast to discuss both Conservative leader candidates’ plans and the challenges the new PM will face.

Fossil fuel companies are making profits off the back of people’s misery
Miatta was on BBC The Papers responding to news that Shell and Centrica are making huge profits while households face soaring energy bills. 

Sunak’s cut on VAT on energy bills is a drop in the ocean
Chaitanya Kumar was on TalkTV responding to Conservative leadership hopeful Rishi Sunak’s proposal to cut VAT on energy bills. 

Cost of living crisis deepening racial inequality’ with 4 in 10 non-white Londoners in poverty
NEF research that found Black, Asian and other ethnic minority households are experiencing costs that are 50% higher than white households as a portion of their income was covered in the Big Issue.

British Gas owner Centrica profits increase five-fold to £1.34 billion as energy bills soar
Miatta’s response to news that Centrica has raked in bumper profits whilst millions of people can’t afford to heat their homes was covered in the Independent

Economics made simple
Chaitanya Kumar was featured in the Observer answering the question: could there be any environmental benefits to an economic slowdown?

How higher interest rates will squeeze government budgets
Recent research by Frank van Lerven and Dominic Kaddick on tiered reserves was featured in the Economist.

People making new Universal Credit claim could still qualify for £324 autumn cost of living payment
NEF research showing more than 1.3 million people in work could be missing out on Universal Credit payments of up to £7,300 a year was mentioned in a Daily Record article.

Recipe for disaster’: New chancellor Nadhim Zahawi’s plan to cut taxes will make inflation worse, experts warn
Lukasz Krebel was in the Independent, BBC News and the Big Issue setting out what the new chancellor’s priorities should be. 

Why putting an oil executive in charge of your economy is a bad idea
Chaitanya Kumar was quoted in the New Statesman on what the new chancellor could mean for climate policy.

Boris Johnson’s wage-price spiral warning branded a myth by economists
Sam Tims was in Yahoo News arguing that pay rises at the current time would not drive inflation.

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