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Loophole could let North Sea oil and gas giants slash UK windfall tax bill
NEF research with Commonwealth on tax breaks given to North Sea oil and gas firms was covered in the Guardian

Rishi Sunak’s obscene’ tax relief for fossil fuel firms will cost taxpayer £1.9bn a year’
Alex Chapman spoke to the Independent about the chancellor’s tax relief on investment in oil and gas extraction. 

Sunak’s cost of living support package 
Sam Tims was on Sky News responding to the chancellor’s the chancellor’s support package.

The truth about Rishi Sunak’s cost of living package
Miatta spoke to the Guardian about whether the chancellor’s support measures will actually help families struggling with the cost of living.

Sunak’s cost of living package: a sticking plaster with no long-term vision 
Miatta was on Sky News responding to the chancellor’s cost of living support measures. 

Rishi Sunak FINALLY helps families 5 months after Mirror and Labour demanded it
NEF analysis showing despite the chancellor’s support package, 23.2 million people face an average £6,500 cost of living hike by October was covered in the Daily Mirror.

Sunak didn’t do enough to actually respond to what the country is facing
Miatta responded to Sunak’s support package on LBC

What do we want to see in Sunak’s support package?
Miatta was on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme setting out a £500 grant for people earning less than £40K to offset energy price rises and a £17bn boost to benefits as the measures NEF would want to see in the chancellor’s cost of living package. 

Martin Lewis give his verdict on whether Britons should switch to Universal Credit early
NEF research showing 1.3 million Britons aren’t receiving Universal Credit payments they are entitled to was covered in the Daily Express.

Tackling the energy bills crisis
Miatta was on Channel 4 News calling on government to protect incomes by boosting social security and investing in a mass retrofitting programme to support people through the crisis. 

Neighbourhood green space is in rapid decline, deepening both the climate and mental health crises
NEF research showing the collapse of green space provision in England and Wales was covered in the Conversation

UK inflation hits a 40-year high
Frank van Lerven was on GB news responding to the latest inflation figures. 

The impact of inflation on working families 
Miatta was on BBC Breakfast responding to the latest inflation figures.  

How the cost of living crisis is making us ill! More than HALF of Brits say the stress of soaring energy bills, food and transport is worsening their health
NEF Modelling showing that price increases have pushed up the cost of an essential basket of goods and services by £2,300 a year was covered in the Daily Mail.

The government isn’t grasping the scale of the cost of living crisis
Miatta was on BBC Question Time responding to the cost of living crisis, partygate and the Northern Ireland protocol

Brexit is back …
Miatta was on the Guardian Politics Weekly podcast discussing whether the UK government capable of finding a solution with EU leaders on Brexit arrangements across the Northern Ireland border.

The Queen’s speech
Miatta responded to the Queen’s speech and the fact the government isn’t doing enough to help people with the cost of living crisis on Sky News and BBC News.

Wrong-headed food policies will lose the Tories their rural voters
NEF analysis showing that 23 million Brits will fall below the minimum income standards for a decent quality of life this year was covered in the New Statesman

The government says the cost of living crisis is top priority’ – but has offered no new support
Sam Tims was quoted in the Big Issue responding to the lack of measures to tackle the cost of living crisis in the Queen’s speech.

Why are people voting for the Green Party?
Chaitanya Kumar argued that the environment could be one of the top three” topics of debate at the next election on Sky News The Daily Climate Show

Middle-income families are being newly pushed into crisis in unprecedented numbers
NEF analysis showing the scale of the cost of living crisis was covered in the Daily Mail, the Daily Express and the Herald

Government to announce data reform bill in Queen’s Speech to deliver Brexit dividend’
NEF research showing if the UK loses data adequacy status — which requires it to meet certain data safety requirements from the EU — this would increase business costs by at least £1.6bn over the next 10 years was covered by Sky News.

The cost of living crisis is deepening inequality
Sam Tims was on BBC News talking about NEF research showing the unequal impacts of inflation and rising energy bills. The research was also covered on the BBC Radio 4 Today ProgrammeYahoo! News, About Manchester and the Daily Mail.

Was the Bank of England right to raise interest rates?
Lydia Prieg was on Channel 4 News responding to the interest rate decision. 

We can’t predict crises but we can put in measures to mitigate the impacts 
Alfie Stirling explained NEF research on the impacts of the cost of living crisis on people on Sky News.

How inflation, slow growth, interest and job losses will cause worst cost of living misery since 2011
NEF research showing an extra 2.2 million workers on an average wage of £33,000 a year will have to cut back on the essentials this year to make ends meet was covered in the Sun

Parks near new homes shrink 40% as developers say they cannot afford them
NEF research showing the collapse of green space provision in England and Wales was covered in the Guardian and the Times.

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