NEF in the news, August 2019

Media Coverage of the New Economics Foundation

What are the consequences of proroguing Parliament?
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh appeared on Sky News to discussion the PM’s decision to prorogue Parliament and the prospect of a no deal Brexit.

What can we expect from the upcoming spending review?
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh made predictions for what we can expect from the upcoming spending review on the Radio 4 Today programme.

It’s time for a four-day working week
Aidan Harper wrote for the Progressive Post about the need for a shorter working week.

Four day week could tackle stress, depression and anxiety at work, campaigners say
Aidan Harper spoke to the Yorkshire Post about the benefits to workers, companies and the economy of switching to a four-day week.

How could more paid holiday help to boost the economy?
Alfie Stirling discussed new NEF research showing that more paid holiday could help to solve the productivity puzzle on talkRADIO.

How a day at the seaside could solve the British productivity puzzle
Alfie Stirling was quoted in a Guardian opinion piece on NEF research showing that more paid holiday could boost productivity. 

Raising the retirement age to 75 won’t fix the UK’s pension problem
Alfie Stirling responded to The Centre for Social Justice’s recommendation to raise the retirement age to 75 in Wired.

From climate to jobs there is no justification for Bristol airport expansion
NEFC’s report that found the proposal for Bristol airport expansion overestimates demand for flyers and ignores any policy that we’ll need to reach the government’s new climate target was covered in the Bristol Cable.

Should HS2 plans be scrapped?
Miatta Fahnbulleh argues that HS2 would increase regional inequalities and the budget would be better spent on infrastructure by regional leaders in the North and Midlands on Sky News.

Boris Johnson could scrap HS2 by the end of the year
NEF’s research showing HS2 will widen the north-south divide was covered in the Daily Mail.

It’s time to end the gentleman’s agreement” – an open letter to the IMF
A letter demanding a fair selection process for the next IMF managing director signed by NEF was in openDemocracy. 

New campaign warns of UK’s unchecked environmental enforcement gap’
A letter warning that funding for environmental enforcement agencies has been halved since 2010 signed by NEF was in the Times. This is part of a wider Unchecked campaign that was covered in BusinessGreen

Who owns it? The democratic socialist debate Canada should be having this election
NEF’s proposal for an Inclusive Ownership fund was used in article by Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives as a starting point for debates on democratic ownership in Canada.

Treasury kicks off review into economics of biodiversity’
David Powell responded to the Treasury review into the economics of biodiversity in an article for Business Green

No-deal Brexit, Labour market stats, increased rail fares and air pollution
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh appeared on Sky News Press Preview to discuss the latest newspaper headlines.

More holidays and better pay would boost productivity, says thinktank
New NEF report calling for workers to have more public holidays and higher wages as a way of tackling the productivity puzzle was covered in the Guardian, Independent, Left Foot ForwardEmployee Benefits and Personnel Today

When it comes to infrastructure planning, who is looking after England’s future generations?
Off the back of a new NEFC report assessing the business case for Bristol Airport expansion, Alex Chapman wrote for BusinessGreen on the need for better decision-making on infrastructure in the context of a climate emergency.

Australian company switches to four-day work week and sees massive jump in revenue
NEF research showing that the poorest 50% of families in the UK could be 13% better off by the year 2030 with the adoption of a four-day working week and higher minimum wage was mentioned in a LADbible article.

Will more NHS funding make a difference? 
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh appeared on Sky News, The Debate to discuss the Prime Minister’s announcement of £1.8bn for the NHS.

At The Breaking Point: Inside The Global Clamor For Rent Control
Joe Beswick was quoted in an article by Bisnow on rent controls.

Here’s how Britain’s broken housing system can be fixed in a decade
Joe Beswick wrote an article for the Guardian making recommendations on how to solve the housing crisis.

What does the government need to do to solve the housing crisis?
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh discussed the causes and solutions to the housing crisis on LBC.

Is the UK prepared for the repercussions of a no-deal Brexit?
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh responded to the government announcement of £2.1bn of funding for a no-deal Brexit on talkRADIO.

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