NEF in the news, November 2019

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

When it comes to economics, there is no infallible voice of authority
Alfie Stirling wrote for OpenDemocracy about the media’s mistake in treating the IFS with too much reverence. Read more

A Green New Deal is possible
Frank van Lerven and Margaret Welsh wrote for Tribune about NEF’s work showing how the government can pay for a Green New Deal. Read more

68% of those in Labour-held marginal seats in North & Midlands say climate change is a deciding factor when voting in this election
New polling from NEF and Survation was featured in the Independent, the Daily Mirror and the Morning Star.

What could the impact of scrapping the Marriage Tax Allowance be?
Head of Economics Alfie Stirling explains what the Marriage Tax Allowance is and what the impacts of scrapping it could be on LBC Radio.

Unaffordability crisis unavoidable issue’ for new Parliament
Hanna Wheatley responded to policy announcements on rent controls and more security for tenants in 24housing.

Why have we seen such radical” tax and spending policies in parties’ manifestos
Head of Economics, Alfie Stirling spoke to Nick Ferrari on LBC about the tax and spending policies that we’ve seen in parties’ manifestos so far.

DEBATE: Should billionaires consider fleeing the country if Jeremy Corbyn gets into power?
Alfie Stirling says no, billionaires should be encouraged to stay in Britain — and contribute their fair share in a CityAM debate.

Freedom of movement, the climate emergency, the Brexit Party and armed forces pledges
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh appeared on an election special of BBC 2 Politics Live.

The abolishment of tuition fees and the response to Yorkshire floods
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh appeared on Sky News The Campaign” to respond to the latest updates on the 2019 election campaign.

New Economics Foundation pitches transformative political programme into election campaign
NEF’s New Rules for the Economy: three missions to transform our broken economic system, was covered in 24housing and BusinessGreen.

What big issues will we see coming up in the 2019 General Election campaign?
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh appeared on the Sarah-Jane Mee Show on Sky News to discuss how much the 2019 General Election could be about Brexit and what other big issues are coming up during the campaign.

UK GDP: Economy avoids recession despite weakest growth in a decade
NEF analysis showing that GDP per head is still £128 below 2008 levels was picked up in Guardian and BBC business live updates on this month’s GDP stats.

How are politicians going to respond to the big structural problems in the economy?
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh appeared on Sky News to responded to spending announcements from Labour and the Conservatives ahead of the 2019 General Election.

What have we learnt about political parties’ spending plans?
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh responds to the latest spending announcements in the 2019 General Election campaign on Radio 4 World at One

Why are we seeing such big spending commitments from parties in this election?
Andrew Pendleton spoke Darren Adam on LBC about big spending commitments in the 2019 General Election campaign, where the money comes from and how it should be spent.

What are the big spending announcements from parties’ this election?
Alfie Stirling spoke to Adam Boulton on All Out Politics about spending plans coming from Labour and the Conservatives ahead of the General Election.

Business rates reforms will only help richest authorities, report finds
A new NEF report showing that the government’s proposed Business Rates Retention System will increase geographic inequalities in the UK was covered in LocalGov.

Why has the government’s flagship policy failed to build a single home?
Hanna Wheatley breaks downs some of the incoherences and inconsistencies in the government’s flagship Starter Home policy which has failed to build a single home in five years on talkRADIO.

What are some of the common myths about moving to a four-day week?
Aidan Harper busts some of the common myths you hear about moving to a shorter working week on talkRADIO.

How can we make the shorter working week a reality in the UK?
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh explains why a shorter working week is necessary and how it can be achieved on LBC Radio.

Investing in the Future
NEF research showing that the UK economy is up to £100bn smaller than it would have been without austerity was mentioned in articles by Grace Blakeley in Tribune and Jacobin.

Renters launch national manifesto
A manifesto
, co-written by NEF, calling for radical reform of private renting and a transformation of the housing system was covered in 24housingYour Money and the Morning Star.

Just Transition: Scottish government urged to beef up local content for renewables project
A NEF report arguing for more to be done to ensure local communities enjoy economic benefits from new renewables project was covered in BusinessGreen.

What big issues will be at the forefront of the 2019 General Election?
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh went on BBC Radio 4 World at One to discuss Donald Trump’s comments on Jeremy Corbyn, what big issues could come up in the election and how the Brexit party could split the votes in remain constituencies.

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